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The goal of the National Library’s Digilab is to introduce the possibilities of using digital collections and to promote digital humanities and data-driven research traditions in Estonia.

If our digital collections or tools are used in your research or media project, you are welcome to write about it in our blog. This gives us an opportunity to highlight your work on the RaRa website and introduce it to a wider audience. It also provides valuable feedback to library staff and collection curators.

To write a blog post, please contact us at digilab@rara.ee or through the contact form. We will respond to all inquiries and assist you with creating the post. The basis for the post can be a research study, student work, media project, experiment, etc.

When writing the blog post, you may consider the following:

  • Blog posts can be either in English or Estonian (and we can help with translating if needed)
  • The blog post is an informal popular science article intended for coherent reading by an educated enthusiast who may not be familiar with your specific topic. Therefore, emphasis should be on clarity. Excessive technical details and too many references should be avoided.
  • An engaging post revolves around a central question or "intrigue." If your research topic is broader, you can consider focusing on an interesting element or example.
  • The length of the blog post should be approximately between 7,000 - 12,000 characters (including spaces).
  • It is recommended to include some interesting illustrations or graphics in the post.

We look forward to your contribution!


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