The Impact of Generative AI on the Digital Humanities: Disruption in Research and Education

The Alan Turing Institute

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The Alan Turing Institute special interest group in Humanities Data Science is hosting an event in Oxford, 'The Impact of Generative AI on the Digital Humanities: Disruption in Research and Education' on 21st June 2024. The event will be held in the Weston Library lecture theatre, with lunch in Blackwell Hall. It will also be streamed online. 

The Turing Humanities and Data Science Event on 21 June 2024 brings together experts to explore both the positive and negative disruptive potential of generative AI in research, education, and creative industries. The event, organised by the Turing special interest group “Humanities and Data Science”, features talks and discussions addressing key topics such as the transformative impact of AI on research and education (Ioannis Votsis), experiential learning and training AI models (Chris Birchall), media tokenization and attribution in cultural and creative industries (Frances Liddell), innovations in email archiving and sensitive information handling using generative AI (Peter Chan), and the intersection of generative AI with EU policy and governance in creative arts (Daria Onitiu). Attendees can expect a deep dive into applications of generative AI, its challenges and implications for academia and beyond, highlighting the need for responsible and creative integration of these technologies. 

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